Booster.Com is actually Fundraising Hell


If anyone recalls a couple of years ago I wrote a blog regarding the pain of being on the receiving end of solicitations from my coworkers, colleagues, and friends for every cause under the sun.  I also emphatically stated which causes I support and which I also fundraise for.   My philosophy has pretty much been…  I ask once, remind once and then move on.  I know you cannot possibly support every cause that comes your way, because 90% of them are truly worthy causes.  (Sorry If I don’t know little Johnnie, I am not supporting his baseball team).  Never, EVER use to fundraise.

Fundraising Sucks……   We all know that.  If you are a parent with kids you are all too familiar with the pain of fundraising.  For the most part you have an enticement…  T-shirt, Candy, Cookie dough, Pizza etc. So, it makes it just a bit easier. I am of the same thoughts, If I am going to fundraise, I want something tangible for the person to donate “FOR” that’s when I came across a website called  They state that you can design your own shirt, promote it, sell the shirts, and raise funds all from the ease of your computer.  You don’t have to invest any money in printing T-shirts, since the shirts do not print until the end.  You get your “share” via a check, it all works out great.  It did that first year. I raised over $1000.00 for the Alzheimer’s Association.  Everyone that purchased a shirt loved it.  In fact, we had someone spot a family of 5 with the t-shirt on at an airport.

So, this year, with an increased personal fundraising goal of $3000.00, I headed to Booster once again.   Since everyone loved the T-shirts last year I thought I would repeat the process.  Change the Tagline and all would be good.   I talked to the people at Booster again just like I had last year and they set everything up for me, again just like last year.   I got an email stating there might be a problem with the design, but then Booster made the campaign go live so I presumed that it was OK.

After the campaign was over and the T-shirts were ready to go to print, Booster has decided that my design is too close to the Alzheimer’s Walk Design and I need to change it. Since they totally mishandled the campaign in the first place why would I trust them to change the design.  Not to mention I offered a design that people “bought”  Is is right to totally change it up on them?   I have told BOOSTER.COM to refund everyone their money with a letter of apology and accept the blame for thier stupidity….. the sad thing is……  Less money will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association because of this.

So you tell me…  How similar are these ???????  This is my T-shirt design for this year,  same as last year with a new tag line.  Below it is the design that the Alzheimer’s Association uses for their Walk T-shirts.   Splitting images Right?



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OK you are a Great Mom, now put your boobs away.



Before you all start hating on me let me make one thing perfectly clear….  Breastfeed or don’t breast feed I don’t care.   You need to do what it best for your child.  What I want to know is why you are so intent on shoving your beliefs down my throat?


What got me started this time????     This article got me started…..

Readers digest version is the Mom was enjoying lunch; 6 month old was hungry so she whipped her boob out to feed the baby.   Manager asked that she either cover up, or go to a private dining room to nurse.    The Mother felt that the restaurant humiliated her and she went to her vehicle and fed her baby.   So of course the restaurant is the bad guy and accused of being insensitive, they have had to apologize etc.   All they did was ask her to cover or go into a PRIVATE dining room.   They didn’t scream and yell at her. They didn’t call her names.  In fact sending her to a private dining room was pretty darn nice.   This was because other patrons of the restaurant voiced their complaints to management.  They didn’t want to see boobies on display.

Well that just Ticks me off.  I don’t care that she is breast feeding her child but I don’t care to see her boobs as she is doing it.    The following are the top 10 reasons why Women don’t cover up when they breastfeed in public.   I got this off the website and I have provided the link to the entire article and frankly I would like to slap them.  The only reason I can see for not wanting to cover up is the first one and that some babies just don’t like it.   OK I get that, but the rest of them are just selfish and downright rude reasons.  OH My response is in all caps


World Breastfeeding Week: 10 Reasons Why We Don’t Cover Up

For every story out there about a woman being shamed for breastfeeding in public, there is a person who insists they don’t have a problem with it, yet follows that statement with “but why can’t she just cover up?” Or “why can’t she just bring a bottle when she’s in public?”

Asking a woman to “cover up” because you’re uncomfortable with a totally legal, totally natural act is absurd. Also, “covering up” is not as easy as it sounds. There are several reasons why breastfeeding moms are unable to shield their offensive boobs while trying to feed their children.


  1. Some babies don’t like to nurse in a sweat lodge.

Some babies actually will not breastfeed under a cover. If you are confused by this, why don’t you try bringing a blanket with you to dinner and placing it over your head. How is your dining experience?    OK, I WILL GIVE YOU THIS ONE

  1. Babies get hungry.

Babies arbitrarily get hungry, and we forgot to bring the cover we don’t own. We were too busy thinking about caring for our children to plan a trip to Buy Buy Baby to buy a cover-up so strangers can feel more comfortable around us.   HOW ABOUT USING ONE OF THE BAZZILLION RECEIVING BLANKETS AS A COVER. WHY DO YOU FEEL THE NEED TO BUY SOMETHING NEW?

  1. Poor engineering.

A lot of breastfeeding cover ups are made of non-breathable fabric. Truth. We don’t understand this.    HERE IS A CONCEPT, INVENT SOMETHING THAT WILL WORK.  MAKE MILLIONS AND RETIRE.

  1. Because we don’t have to.

There is no law against it, so why do we have to buy one of these things anyway? Need we remind you that breastfeeding in public is legal?  NEED WE REMIND YOU THAT WE HAVE RIGHTS TOO?  WHY SHOULD MY RIGHTS BE ANY LESS SIGNIFICANT THAN YOURS?

  1. There are actual offensive things out there.

Have you turned on CNN lately? There are actual legitimate things in the world to be concerned about.   I AM CONCERNED ABOUT THEM, AND SPEAK MY MIND ABOUT THEM, JUST AS I DO YOUR WHIPPING YOUR BOOB OUT IN PUBLIC.

  1. Fatigue

We’re too tired to care that you are horrified by nipples. We can’t even hear you over our yawning.  NOT HORRIFIED BY YOUR NIPPLES, THEY DO NOTHING FOR ME BUT I STILL DON’T WANT TO SEE THEM WHEN I AM TRYING TO ENJOY MY DINNER

  1. Selective hearing.

We listen to a steady stream of toddler whining all day, so your complaints fall on well-trained, deaf ears. La, la, la, la, la – we can’t hear you!  JUST DOWN RIGHT RUDE.

  1. Confusion


  1. Inconvenience

We refuse to juggle bottles, ice-packs and other assorted feeding gear just so you’ll shut up. We made it through the pain of the beginning stages of breastfeeding, and our reward is that we don’t have to carry a bunch of crap around.  HOW LONG YOU PLANNING ON BEING GONE WITH THAT BABY THAT YOU HAVE THAT MUCH TO JUGGLE?  YOU ARE CARRYING A DIAPER BAG AREN’T YOU OR ARE YOU JUST LETTING YOUR BABY PEE AND POOP AT WILL?

  1. You can look away.

This is not A Clockwork Orange. You are not strapped to a chair with creepy contraptions keeping your eyelids open, forcing you to stare at us. Look away.  IT’S LIKE A TRAIN WRECK, YOU CAN’T HELP IT.    SO IF I SIT AND PICK MY NOSE WHILE YOU ARE TRYING TO EAT YOUR MEAL ARE YOU GOING TO BE OK WITH THAT?
Read more:


So although I am expected to accept your right to breastfeed in public, why are you not expected to accept my right to not be forced to watch you pop your boob out and have at it?  I wonder how the breastfeeding supporters would feel if someone developed a bottle shaped like a piece of male anatomy and proceeded to feed a baby in public with that.  But I do think I may have struck on a defensive move for those that are opposed to boobies popping out at will.   When you see a nursing mother, get in her line of sight and start picking your nose… you really want to gross them out…. well you know where I am going with that.

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OMG They are Lazy or did they just not get the “Helpful” gene

So I am really beginning to wonder if the “Helpful” gene has evolved out of our Dlazy-day-dorgsn6kr-109334-530-352NA.   I never really considered before how helpful I may or may not be.   OH don’t get me wrong, I don’t clean house unless I have to.  I leave that up to the other people that live in the house.  I hate cleaning, I always have and I always will.  I will cook, I will garden, I will do tons of other things, Cleaning is not one of them.

When I was growing up it seemed like everyone was helpful.  You held doors for people, you reached items off the shelf in the grocery store, you let someone go ahead of you in line if they seemed to be in a hurry.  I used to take my mother and her sisters to spend holiday weekends or vacations at their brothers summer home in Wisconsin.  I drove around and picked everyone up, they didn’t touch their luggage or their bags, I did all of that.  I carried it out to the car and packed it in the trunk.  When we arrived in Wisconsin I would give them their purses and maybe a small grocery bag, but I took care of everything else.  I brought the coolers in, and all the luggage.  You see they were all over 35 years older than I was, I was younger and stronger, so I just DID it.

Lately however, I have been noticing a definite scarcity of Helpful People.  OH there are those that will argue with me and claim that they “asked” if help was needed but they were told NO.  BS I say.  I do a great deal of the grocery shopping.  I hate making multiple trips so I try to bring it all in at once, I must sadly admit that I am getting older and  I can’t do the things I used to.  I have to make multiple trips with the groceries.  I have watched my nieces friends walk past me as I am unloading the trunk, say hello and then keep going.  They don’t grab a bag, they don’t ask if I need help.  They just go about their merry way and then when I get it all in they look like I made it appear by magic.

I have noticed that people (and it doesn’t matter what age) fall into 2 categories, those that are automatically helpful and those that are provisionally helpful.   Ah what’s the difference you ask? Well those that are automatically helpful just “do”.  They don’t ask if you need help, they either start doing what they can see needs to be done, or they unsure of what would be most helpful to you so they ask you “What do you want me to do”.

The provisional helpers, ahhhh those are the ones that can see things need to be done, but otherwise occupy themselves doing other important things ( like picking lint out of their navel)  and wait until you are almost done and then come and ask what you need done.  Or those that volunteer to help and then become involved in other things leaving whatever it is undone until someone else completes the task and then say “I said I would do that”.   These are the same people that will watch you struggle with multiple bags when they are carrying just their purse, and once you have practically killed yourself carrying them say  “OH Why didn’t you let me carry some”.  “LET THEM”  wait one moment, I am still reeling from that one.  I don’t hesitate to help someone, Except when it comes to cleaning, YES I fully admit I will dodge that as much and as long as possible.  Hey I once paid Merry Maids to come in and clean the whole house for my sisters birthday because I didn’t want to do it.

So do you want to know how you can start being helpful……   TODAY!

  1.  Listen Carefuly

Sometimes,  running to the rescue isn’t the best solution.  Listen to the person talk, because sometimes what you initially thought would be helpful really isn’t.  The more the person talks to you about what is going on, the better you can help them.  The better understanding you have a situation helps you help them.

  1. Suggest things you can do to Help.

OH the people that say, “If you need anything just let me know” and then feel better about themselves because the offered.  People who are under a lot of stress won’t take them up on the offer because they will feel that they are imposing.  Don’t suggest, just do things to help.  Tell them you would be willing to replace them on a committee, pick up the kids from activities, drop off some meals or even come and clean their house…. Tell them the things that you can do for them and let them choose what they feel would be better for them.

  1. Silver Lining

Try and help them see the “bright side” of a situation.  Remember to be a bit cautious about this one so you don’t come off as callous and unfeeling.  OH Never try this one if someone has suffered a personal loss ( death or divorce ).

  1. Don’t Keep Score

Seriously, if you are going to give, you have to give without expecting anything in return.  Give freely and often without keeping score of who “owes” you.  If you have given, no one owes you anything.  If you keep track and try to get things to come out even…. Well you will just end up not giving or being helpful because we are always of more help to others than the are to us.   Frankly,  I have found that the more I help, the less help I need.

  1. Only help if you really want to

If you really don’t want to help, Don’t offer.  If you don’t want to do it, you will either end up not doing it or resent helping and that’s never any good to anyone.   I help and give a lot, because I want to.  There are times however that I just don’t want to, in those cases I have learned to say NO.  I don’t support every cause under the sun anymore, just the few that I know I can make a difference.

  1. Don’t Be More Trouble Than You’re Worth

With all seriousness I say….. IF you volunteer to help or give, DO IT quickly and accurately.  There is nothing that is less helpful than someone that says they will help and they are being counted on to help and they fall thru leaving it for the already stressed out person to handle.

  1. Help a Stranger

You don’t have to know a person in order to help.  Many churches have groups of people that routinely need help.  Bake for the bake sale, make a freezer dinner for a family in need.  Have a friend that has a friend that needs help?  Then help them out.


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Answer the )@%& Phone !


When I was a kid we had 2 phones in our house. One hung on the kitchen wall and the other was in my parent’s bedroom. My sister and I dreamed of the day we would be old enough to ask our parents if it was OK for us to have a phone in our bedrooms.   The telephone company back then Illinois Bell even had a special phone for gals like us…. It was the princess phone.    It was pink and rotary and it was on a lot of my Christmas wish lists.

We raced to the phone to see who would be the one to answer it. The only time we ignored a ringing phone was at dinner time, and any call after 9 pm better be an emergency or an Aunt.   Rotary gave way to touch tone, the phone still looked the same, but now you just had to push little buttons to dial.

We got in trouble for being on the phone too much. I was the worse of the 5 of us. I would be in school all day, and then come home and be on the phone with the same people I just spent all day with. If the phone was continually busy and you really needed to reach someone, you called the operator to ask them to break the line. If Dad had to have the operator break the line you were in serious trouble.

Phone codes were invented so people would know how to reach you in case you were fighting with someone. “OK if you call and no one answers call again let it ring twice and hang up, call again let it ring twice again and hang up, I will call you right back”. You had a different code for each friend that you really wanted to talk to, it was quite elaborate.

Answering machines were all the rage in the mid 80’. We weren’t rushing to answer the phone anymore, around 1994 or so the cordless phone was introduced. AHHHHHH Great, we didn’t have to run to the phone anymore, we could carry It with us.

In 1991 caller ID was introduced. It wasn’t until the mid 90’s that everyone seemed to be getting in on the caller ID thingPhones became more sophisticated and suddenly we needed to know who was calling before we answered it.  It wasn’t enough that we were no longer rushing to answer the phone, …… and it wasn’t good enough to just let it go to the answering machine, now we needed to know who it was we were going to ignore before we ignored them.   Caller ID has been the singularly most popular add-on service for the telephone providers.

People don’t often realize that cell phone technology was around in the 1940’s. It was being worked on and developed, and did not become Popular until it became affordable. By 1984 more and more people were purchasing cell phones.  So now we didn’t have rush to the phone, we could carry our phone with us wherever we went. People could reach us instantly, we were excited to rush to our cell phones to answer them. That only lasted for a short time, Caller ID was introduced there also. Now we could see who was calling and then we could ignore them on our cell phones.

So why the stroll down memory lane you ask?   OK I will tell you why, Everyone is driving me crazy with this phone thing.   At the office the phone rings and rings and rings and no one answers it till the last second. We have caller ID, it shows who is calling. IF you know it is for you ANSWER the Phone.  You know what offices typically call you, they aren’t calling to talk to Me, they want you. But NO I have to answer the phone and then put it thru to you, or leave my office to hunt you down because you have decided since I answered the phone you are going to go out on the dock or make a phone call.   It is not enough I come to tell you who is on the phone for you, you have to quiz me about what they want and then yell at me because you have given that information to someone already.   Did you ever hear the old saying “Don’t shoot the messenger” It never fails, I decide I am going to eat lunch, they can see me walk into my office with my lunch and they still won’t answer the phone. There is also those that take 20 minutes for a 5 minute phone call. Unfortunately, I have to hear the same lame story over and over and over and over and over and over and over…. Well you get the idea.

At home, they make me crazy too. Phone rings first thing someone says is “Who’s calling”.   I don’t know, I am not close enough to the caller ID to read it. OH wait, that’s right it pops up on the TV. Ya that’s right, it pops up on the TV. I don’t know why they ask who it is, they aren’t going to answer it anyway. Most cases it is sales call or it is my brother in-laws Mom or other elderly relative. Those are the people who call the house phone. I don’t know why they won’t just take a gamble and answer the phone.

OK twist my arm lets talk about these cell phones.   If you have a cellphone, and someone calls you. ANSWER IT. It drives me insane when you just sent me a text message and I call you and you don’t answer. I know that phone is either in your hand or nearby Answer it.  Or you are out running errands and I call you, and the person you are with, and the other person and NO ONE answers the phone.  Seriously!

I will admit to one horrible habit, I do not listen to my voicemail messages, I just call them back.  After all if you thought it was important enough to call, I think it is important enough to answer.


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OMG Put some clothes on

I am by no means a prude, I can appreciate a woman rocking a hot outfit just as much as I do a guy rocking a hot pair of jeans or suit or Speedo’s…… Oh sorry I drifted off there for a moment (and I am kidding about the Speedo, maybe).

We all know the “Pants on the Ground” song and how the very young generation seems to think that walking around with their pants below their buttocks is attractive. Frankly, I kind of admire their ability to walk and keep their pants in that position, but then I see their nasty underwear and I throw up a little in my mouth.

It seems as civilization has gone thru many different stages of what amount of clothing is acceptable.

The Caveman wore whatever he could find to keep his body protected from the elements.


Noah and his wife, a bit more clothes.


Renaissance man wore even more many to show their “station” in life.


Old West became more practical but still covered.

old west

Roaring 20’s. About the same for the men, but less for the women.

roaring 20's

1950’s,   A bit more for the woman, and the man remained yet the same.


And then today, I couldn’t find any accurate representation of what I thought a typical couple looked like because they are all so different and most scary.  They ranged from the couple dressed in the Pajama’s shopping at Walmart, To the Unbelievable Wedding dress so I chose that one.


 What got me started on this topic? Let’s begin with the 25 ish gal I saw get out of a car at the grocery store in Hello Kitty pajama pants, a sleep T, a zip hoodie and slippers. No this wasn’t a middle of the night milk/formula run for a baby. This was at 6 PM. I see it at the mall all the time, either scantily clad, dressed for bed or they look like they should be standing on a street corner selling their ware’s or getting ready for a rumble. How did all of this become acceptable?

Let’s begin with Dancing with the Stars….. Hold up a moment you say, this is dance competition you say? They should be scantily clad, and although I would agree in most cases, there was a dancer that looked like she had 2 triangles and a rubber band on with sparklies. If she hadn’t of shaved, and I am not referring to her under arms or legs, the entire world would have seen her private parts, and I mean the whole thing. Am I jealous, Absolutely but the fact still remains that I really didn’t feel that she showed “good taste”, an inch or two more of material would have left her scantily clad but decently covered. I also love to watch Project Runway, and Under the Gunn, but I still can’t figure out why some of these judges think that all of the tacky outfits that go down the runway are so fabulous. You have Hollywood “stars” that are barely covered and in many cases we have images burnt into a retina’s that no human should have….. Such as Brittany Spears Naughty Bits and Janet Jacksons breast piercing.

It has always been true that those that are popular or well known or influential lead the way when it comes to what is the current fashion. The cave couples that killed or found more food were looked to as examples, and so on down the line.

I was raised by parents that were born in the late 1920’s, when they began dating, Mom wore a dress almost all of the time and my father a Suit.   After they married and fashion changed, my mother was still impeccably dressed, unless she was cleaning house (oh and her days after her heart surgery and she stayed in her pajama’s until 2:00 pm). My father always had a nice pair of pants on and a nice shirt.   The rule of the house was that you went out looking “presentable”. You didn’t have stains on your clothes or rips. If you got a hole in something and you couldn’t repair it, it was cut up for rags or tossed in the trash.   We were taught to dress modestly.

The basic rules were:

  1. Don’t show your stomach
  2. Bra must be covered at all times, which includes the bra straps. OH and no dark bra light sheer shirt.
  3. Cover your boobs, it is OK to shot a bit of cleavage but you shouldn’t be able to see past 2 fingers of space.
  4. Nothing can be too tight or too big. Wear the size that is appropriate
  5. No heels with casual clothes, Heels are for dresses or party outfits
  6. Shirts and shorts must not be shorter than the end of your finger tips.
  7. Bathing suits are for the backyard or beach only. You do not wear them walking down the street.
  8. If it is stained, ripped, torn it is now to be worn only for house or yard work.
  9. Dress age appropriate

Now don’t get me wrong, Mom wore some pretty hot outfits, I clearly remember the lime green mini dress with the green feather boa edging. She was hot in it, but for some reason, it still looked respectable because it was a “going out” outfit. She wouldn’t be caught dead running into the grocery store looking like that. Bling, and sparkle and cleavage bearing things were left for going out. During the day it was a nice shirt, polo, t-shirt or sweater and a nice pair of pants that fit. They raised us with the same guidelines. Those of you that are parents, how many times have you told your son or daughter that they weren’t going out “dressed like that”.

How many times have you looked at someone and wondered who told them they looked good in “THAT” outfit.  When as a society did we decide that walking around in what really could be considered pajamas, nightgown or a bra and underwear was acceptable? Rockin hot body or NOT, and mostly it’s NOT. It is the 30 and under crowd which seems to be the worst at wearing things that just shouldn’t see the light of day in public. Shall we talk about the women my age, and that would be the 50’s that are buying things in the same department as the girls that are 30 and younger? Give it up Grandma, you are just too old.


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Does Karma Apply to Business?


I am a business woman, and a pretty sharp one I like to think.  As many of you know me personally, you know that I can be very tough but very fair.  I am opinionated, strong willed, dedicated, and a hard worker.

Having said that, I am also the biggest push over on the face of the earth.  If you have a sob story or need help, I will drop what I am doing and come to help, even if it interferes with things I need to do or get done.  I will do what you need to have done; I will short myself on sleep or personal time and even money to help you out.

You also all know I have a creative streak a mile long and a mile wide.  I am always making something or painting something or what have you.  This is how I got into this trouble in the first place; I have a friend who needed to make extra money, so she wanted to start doing craft shows to sell things she had created.  I just wanted to find a way to make things that I knew my family and friends would love and be able to give it away without it putting a huge dent in my “fun money”

Where we were purchasing our supplies at the time just wouldn’t work ( very cost prohibitive if you planned to resell), so we started looking for other resources, in our search to find new suppliers we were coming across equipment to be able to do it ourselves from scratch so to speak, so I started purchasing it. (Where I was going with it is another story)  So in our course of looking for new suppliers we came across one that sounded “too good to be true”.  The pricing was half or less than what we were paying.  They said they believed in making things affordable to people so they could afford to do things.   It’s all about helping……. OH you want to learn the business?  Well I have been doing it for a while, I can teach you what I know, it will be great to have more people doing this and keeping it alive.  You know it is all about helping each other.

This is where my saga begins because I was STUPID and my good nature was taken advantage of.  This person pretends to be generous and caring, Oh here take this, you need it, and I have plenty.  Oh you helped me do X, Y and Z so take this.  They went as far as putting cash back in my purse after I had paid.

So Thanks to You Tube you can learn to do anything, I watched all the video’s I could find to learn what skills I needed in order to produce the “raw product”…. This person offers to show us how to use their high tech equipment….. Why not I say to myself and take an evening out of my life to “practice” using their equipment.  I go home and do it the Youtube way.  I even showed my 2 little nephews 7 and 4 how to do what I was doing.  It was hard work and I don’t have the facilities right now to be able to produce from raw product.  So they offer to allow me to use their equipment etc, the problem is there is a curing period involved so it doesn’t make any sense to start the process if you can’t finish the process so that just doesn’t work.  Then I am told that if I help do this labor intensive part and the next 2 steps, I can create what I need for myself and I won’t have to pay the finished charge.  Well this is a decent deal, not the best as the labor is hard but I am not afraid of hard work.   So it progressed very quickly to a partnership. Once the busy season was over I would build a website, get them online, etc etc etc.   So I worked my tail off.  I got very little for myself because I was too busy doing their work for their orders and their facilities orders.   Oh did a get a couple of things, sure but not nearly enough for all of the time and effort I put in.  I just figured it would all even out in the end.  In retrospect, I should have taken my fair share.

Once my contacts found out what I was doing, I had people that wanted things I could create, they wanted me to come and show them how to do it.  I had a very definite interest and in turn was bringing this person more customers and more outside orders and thereby building the business.  I had a corporate order that was place that would have netted them a tidy little sum of money, as well as me.   When I made money, I invested it into things that would benefit not only me but also this person.  There is an entire line of equipment I would love to have and the plan was to buy it all with the profit from the corporate order so it could be utilized by me and them…. A win/win so to speak.

I don’t know if it was jealousy on this person’s part, but they became more and more difficult to deal with.  They became physically abusive (they would continually poke me in the arm and laugh when I would tell them it hurt.  They would say “I want to see if I can give you a bruise”.  WHO DOES THIS? ).   OH My labor wasn’t just on making raw product, I helped them reorganize their inventory, build a shed, move equipment to the shed, hold their 4 dogs still while they cleaned their ears out and even helped repair their home washing machine.  OH wasn’t this all great, they finally found a friend they could work with, and that they actually worked.  You see they tried working with someone but that person didn’t do any of the work.

Of course as I am assisting them in getting all of their product and orders completed, the equipment that I brought to use was sitting unused and waiting.   The corporate order I needed to complete was also going uncompleted.  I take 2 of my last 4 vacation days to go to their facility to work specifically on the corporate order.   I bust my tail end 14 hours 1 day and 12 the next getting as much done as I can.

They knew I was committed on a particular evening (it was one of my dearest friends birthdays), and even though I was committed I had planned on going to their facility a bit later.  Suddenly my phone explodes with text messages telling me that the whole corporate order is wrong, and how could I commit to it, that none of it is useable.  So I leave my dear friends birthday party and go chasing over to the supplier only to find out that they had taken it upon themselves to do the “finishing touches” on the product ( all of which I was capable of doing and had planned on doing). As I go rushing into the facility I find over half of the order ready to be put in boxes, that it wasn’t unusable, it just needed a downsizing of accessory pieces.  I stood stunned asking what was going on, I was told that the accessory pieces I had were too large so they switched them for some smaller pieces they had.  So while they had put the “finishing” touches on some of them, I did the majority of the work.  Well this set the stage for them to royally screw me out of all of my time, effort, product and equipment.

The following day we were setting up for an exhibit and they were extremely unhappy and moody.  I let it slide honestly I was not in a happy place as when I arrived at their facility, they were not ready to leave to set up for the exhibit.  All of their things needed to be prepped and packed.  I feel that they did not like that fact that I was not letting them set up as they wanted to.  They wanted to change the whole display and I didn’t want to invest any more money in display equipment as it was the last exhibit of the season. I said repeatedly that it was all a great idea and that we would certainly do it in the coming year.

At the exhibit they asked a simple question which I answered, and they decided that I had a “Tone” when I responded and refused to speak to me.    I tried to explain I had no tone and if I did it was unintentional…. still the cold shoulder.  They wanted to undercut everyone’s price at the exhibit and I tried to explain that they couldn’t do that and they accused me of telling them how to run their business.  Odd, that they had no trouble telling someone else how they should run theirs.

I received a text later telling me I was horrible and that they no longer wanted to “have a relationship” with me, much like a child that doesn’t get their way.  Again told them that they were blowing things out of proportion…. cold shoulder.  SIGH This is supposed to be a friend????

They texted again a few days later and said that they were upset that day and wanted to talk it over. That they were my friend and they really wanted to work it out.   So I said Fine, gave a day and time and that wasn’t good enough.  I tried to make arrangement to pick up some of the things I needed…. They had an explosive tirade again via text.  This went on a couple of times, any time I did not say what they wanted me to say…. Which I am guessing was to reassure them that they were the absolute BEST and I SUCKED.  (Which to me is groveling and I just won’t do that.)  They held my corporate order as hostage to try and beat me into submission or to control me.   I informed the company that ordered it that there were issues and that they needed to buy something else.  They took care of their corporate gifts for this past year.

I was told by family and friends to wait and settle everything after the holidays, which I did.  Time did not help I can tell you.  It made this person more irate than before.  They went as far as to send me a death threat.  Seriously???  I am currently out nearly $9000.00 dollars in labor, time, equipment and supplies and they are going to threaten me?  So I went to try and pick up my equipment, I refused to even step foot on the property, I don’t know if they have a gun and after all the hostile text messages they had sent me I was going to be cautious.  Yes I called the Police Department when they refused to give me my equipment, hoping that they could help them see reason.  They had the poor police playing messenger boys for them,   I thought it over and discussed it with my advisors and we determined that they were not getting another dime of my money.

Thankfully I remembered to document some of the things, the one thing I didn’t remember to do as a business woman….. Get everything in writing.  I do that every day in my business, WHY did I think this was different?  Because it was a hobby that I was trying to turn into a little side business, did I view it as less than a real business?  Did I not bother with all of that because I considered them a friend and I thought for sure they wouldn’t screw me over?  Also, Label every piece of equipment you have as your property, don’t lend or leave anything anywhere without having a signed agreement that they have borrowed it so you can get it back.  So if I don’t get my property back, this will be a very expensive lesson to have learned…. But I can assure you not one I will repeat. My only saving grace is that although they denied to law enforcement that I was their partner, they failed to remember an interview that they gave to a cable TV station where they distinctly identify me as their partner.  So even though I don’t have it in writing… I have the words coming out of their mouth.

In case you want to know, yes I will probably be less inclined to help someone out.  Ah who am I kidding, that would be like asking me not to shop ever again….. I will just be a little bit more choosey.   So in the future, if I decline to help you, it is not you……. It is this person who claimed to be a friend that screwed me over,  OH and YES I am a firm believer in KARMA, and Like Karma I am ………….


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Anti Social???? WHO ME?



I started this blog on December 2nd, and suffered from what I call, too much to do and not enough time to do it in syndrome.   I have so much to do that I begin to forget what I was doing in the first place.

My particular problem as you all know from a previous blog and email is that I “Squirrel”   I start working on things and then I get distracted,   You are in the middle of doing something and suddenly, you are doing something totally different, and don’t know how you switched.  Excuse me a moment, I was in the middle of processing a pick up for a customer, Be right back.

I am normally a very social person, I walk thru the office and chat briefly with everyone when I come in, (they claim I walk around just to aggravate, but what do they know).  I also typically have a smile on my face, and a joke at the ready.  My office door is always open, and even if I am on the phone, anyone is welcome to walk in.

Nothing drove the point home to me clearer than the week before Christmas when I was pushing to get a HUGE pricing proposal together for a customer; I really had no choice than to close my office door to distractions, I just could not afford them.   There were many projects that need to be completed in a hurry.  Customers needed end of the year reports, or they needed pricing for their upcoming year.  We are in our busy season so I pitched in to help whenever and where ever I can.  Even something as simple as picking my head up to look out my office door will create a distraction for me, especially when I am stressed and pressed for time.

I never, ever ever close my office door.   I don’t like feeling that secluded or alone.  Normally I just drown out the noises that distract me. However, that just wasn’t working, so I had taken to closing my office door in order to get things completed in a timely manner.   I was less distracted by what is going on in the main part of the office.

It really is amazing that when I am in the process of a huge project the smallest thing can distract me.  I can have my computer and laptop both open and running, my iPod playing, phones ringing, but the clicking of a pen or an annoying voice will cut thru my concentration, as surely as the United States Marines at the Battle of Iwo Jima.

Shutting the door serves 2 purposes, it cuts down on the distractions and it forces people in the office to come to me with only really large issues.  OH I have read all of the articles over the years on how to keep focused, how to get things done, highly effective habits of……  well not me that’s for sure.   Oh I am organized, I do get projects done, but it seems as more things are heaped upon me, it seems as if some small things have a greater ability to distract me.  IE Clicking pen or annoying voice.

I never realized the both positive and negative effect that this would have on the rest of my office and my friends.   We have some new office tenants and there is one that thinks he is a comedian….. Let me tell you, he is pretty fun to mess with.    Ok so here is what happens, when you are normally social and you suddenly close your office door.   People think you are mad at them, then they come and ask “Are you mad at me” and you have to explain NO you aren’t……   Distraction #1

Then they think you are not feeling well or you have something bothering you so they ask:  “Are you OK?  Is there anything I can do for you”?  And you have to explain everything is OK and you have things you need to get done…… Distraction #2

You don’t log into Skype or Aim or Google and people think you are ill or upset or have lost your computer connection, and then they start texting or calling……. Distraction #3

Then you have the jealousy factor, because you actually have a door that you can close to get things accomplished.  I have no quick tips to help you in situations such as these; you just have to grin and bear it, and make it up to them.

So let me explain the progression of Photo’s,  First to arrive.   Anti-Social,     then the picture of the fish stating that HE Is anti-social too.  Then in case I was unaware of what the definition of Anti-Social was they kindly provided me the definitions.  Now they were kind enough to point out that was help for People Like me   and provided the appropriate 800 number ( they are too kind ).  then just to make sure I was in the Holiday spirit, several decorations were added to make it all nice and festive.  ( aren’t they sweet )

The Bottom line is…..   Be glad that they care enough to notice when you are not behaving the way you normally do and want to make sure that you are OK.  OH and they have great fun in doing so……  See picture at the top of this blog……    I am Well Loved.

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I am Boycotting Black Friday…… I think


Oh how I look forward to Black Friday shopping, I have been Black Friday shopping for at least the last 20 years.  In the good old days, you got the paper on Thanksgiving Day, and you looked thru all of the sale ads and you plotted and planned.  I am like a General; I have my “attack” plan in place well before I go to bed Thanksgiving Night.

I remember getting up at 5 AM to stand in line for the 6 AM opening of the local Wal-Mart or Target.  I had kids to buy for, so I was always looking for a deal.  The crowds were not tremendously huge and they were all pretty much in a good mood as they raced thru the store to get what they wanted.  It was a get in, get out and get on to the next store.  We Power shopped, we had our list in hand, we had scoped out the store the Wednesday before if possible, WE were on a mission. We also had to work that morning so it was critical that time was not wasted.

In those early years I scored some really great deals.  I remember getting a “boom box” for less than $50.00 and a jewelry armoire and assorted electronics here and there.  I remember grabbing a scanner for $25.00 one year, the deals were GOOD deals, not plentiful but I always managed to get what I was out after.

Now the stores started opening earlier and earlier, and people are getting meaner and ruder.  They push and shove and actually steal things out of your cart.  I stopped going to the Wal-Mart and the Target after a while, it was pointless, whatever I wanted was always gone or I couldn’t get to it because of the crowds.  Not to mention some of the stores are 24 hour stores so people hover around the pallets of freight waiting to pounce.

The deals aren’t so much of a great deal anymore.  They are decent price but not what I would call a great deal.   I vowed I would NEVER stand in a long line to get in to shop, even my early years of Black Friday shopping you would sit in your car until about 20 minutes before opening and then get in line, not bad, not bad.  Then people were lining up outside of Best Buy at 2 in the morning, and then the night before…. I swore I would NEVER camp out; honestly the deal just isn’t that great that I want to be up all night freezing my butt off.  I did stand outside in the freezing cold one year to get an MP3 player, it was a Zune and Radio Shack had them very, very cheap.  So I waited in line only to be told that they were sold out I was the third person in line, it was a small strip mall store and they were SOLD OUT (I have boycotted Radio Shack ever since).   You see back in the day, they never had to print how many they would have on hand.  Now you will see things like   Minimum ## per store.   I laugh when I see that on Laptops, and cameras and the hottest items out there.   ## Per store, and your chances of getting one are?????  Oh some stores go by the whole wristband thing, but I am not camping out over night and NOT get a wristband, and it better be almost free.

Now my planning starts earlier, I go to the internet and look at the ads online and decide if I want to even go out anymore.   Last year I tried going into Wal-Mart as there were a lot of DVD’s I wanted to get, and I walked right back out.  There was no way I was waiting in that line, it just wasn’t that great of a deal.

OH and did I mention the number of small children that I have seen in the wee hours of the morning.  Tired, cranky, crying…. In strollers where they have no air, and getting bumped into.  Or the 5 and 6 year olds too big for strollers and crying because they are tired.   I don’t know what these parents are thinking, but it is not a good place for the kids to be and Frankly I don’t want to hear their kids whining and complaining.  I know, I know if that makes me a horrible person then so be it.

I am considering staying home this year.  It is not just because I have cut down my gift giving to a minimum, but I really do not like the fact that the stores are opening on Thanksgiving Evening.  I know that Kmart has always been open on Thanksgiving Day (which I never thought was right) but over the course of the years the store are opening earlier and earlier.   Now they are opening Thanksgiving Evening?   I started late 2 years ago, when the stores were opening at 3 am, I went out at 5 AM and it didn’t feel the same.  I happened to make that comment to my sister and another sister pair near us agreed.  So I told the one “Why don’t you hit me with the cart, and I will throw you a dirty look, we can exchange some mumbling complaints and it will feel like Black Friday”

So here are some tips for successful Black Friday Shopping:

  1.  Have your plan of attack ready.  Know where you are going and what you are looking for. Remember there can only be one General so make sure someone is assigned as the leader to keep everyone on track. Also this is not the time to be “shopping”  this is the time for BUYING.
  2. Wear the right uniform.  Comfortable shoes and layers.  Leave the coat in the car and wear a hoodie you can tie around your waist while shopping but can get you back to the car if it is cold out.
  3. Carry your ammunition with you.   Carry an over the shoulder tote bag with all of your sale papers and your list.  This is also a good place to keep some snacks like protein bars, candy or trail mix in case you get really hungry.  Don’t forget a bottle of water to drink.  I don’t recommend anything else because of potential spills.
  4. Ditch non-essential equipment.  That’s right downsize that purse a ton or don’t carry one at all.  I have a small purse that I can secure to the strap of my tote bag and tuck it inside that I have a little bit of cash and my credit/debit card.  You don’t need everything in your purse for this shopping expedition, so why carry it.
  5. Keep radio chatter to a minimum.  Unless you are co-coordinating with your troops, now is not the time to catch up with family.
  6.  You need a Platoon.  Gather family or friends together and go out en-masse.  We usually have the young one’s (15 and older) carry things or wait in check out lines.
  7. Keep the civilians out of harm’s way:  Leave small children and the elderly at home, my rule of thumb is, if they can’t keep up without a problem or without whining and crying, they stay home.
  8. Make sure you pick up a “Medal” for yourself, depending on the battle fought you may have earned that Congressional Medal of honor, so make sure you treat yourself to a little something or a big something  J   ( last year for me it was new pots and pans )

Have a Fabulous time if you go out on Black Friday,  I am still undecided…….  Check Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter,  you will know if I went out or not.



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Halloween Postponed due to Rain ????????????


Halloween postponed due to rain??????

My Mother had rules when it came to trick or treating…..

  1. You couldn’t go out until the first kid came to the door…. That was PURE Agony.  I recall many times there being kids across the street that we would bribe with extra candy to run across to our house so we could hit the streets.
  2. Do not eat anything while you are out.  Everything had to be checked and then you were allowed to eat a couple of pieces.  This really was a ploy by the adults, so they could get their favorite candy.
  3. If the porch light is on they are giving treats, no porch light skip that house and go on.
  4. Make sure you say Trick or Treat and then say Thank you.
  5. Always wear a costume.  This is mandatory; there was no walking around as teenagers with a bag looking for candy.
  6. With the exception of Disney World, Disney Land and assorted Amusement Parks, Trick or Treating is Door to Door of HOMES, not store to store in a Mall.  Seriously?  In a Mall???  I have gone into a Mall that has had Trick or Treaters   they give out lame candy and coupons and run out all together so half the kids that show up get nothing.
  7. Lastly, Halloween is on October 31st Every year.  Doesn’t matter what day it is, what the weather is, dress appropriately and hit the streets with your empty bag and come home full or stay home, the choice is yours.

Those were Mom’s rules, if you were cold or tired, you had 2 choices come home and quit, or get some dinner and something to drink, dry off or warm up and then get back out there.  Many times my Mother and Brother Chuck would warm us up, give us some soup and a sandwich and shove us back out the door for more.  Funny in all the years growing up, I know I saw snickers bars and candy corn go in the bag, but there never was any in my bowl when It got done being searched.

We trick or treated, rain, sleet, dark of night…. Yep just like the Postman.   We trick or treated for hours upon hours, we would start after school (if during the week) and went until 9 or 10 PM.  Much like the Verizon commercial, we had the neighborhood mapped out. We knew who gave the best candy year after year.  We knew where the Dad’s and some of the Mom’s worked.  The Lays Potato chip house, the Wrigley Gum house the house that handed out homemade caramel apples and the one with the popcorn balls. Yes I realize that the times were different, that people actually cared about each other and looked after each other.   We could go without a parent with us because every adult was watching out for the well being of every child. We all played together, we all waved to each other driving down the street.

NO I am not writing this just to be nostalgic, I am writing this because I am getting really tired of things being changed because someone doesn’t like what is going on and it is supposed to be for the “Safety of the Children”.   Some villages have trick or treating on a weekend day before the Holiday.  All villages restrict the number of hours kids can be out trick or treating.   Last night several villages in Northwest Indiana and on the far south side of Chicago postponed Trick or Treating because it was raining out.   Seriously???  Do they cancel school because it is raining?   Last time I looked there were no “rain dates” on Holidays.

OK while I am on a roll…..

Parents:  I love you and I know you want to protect your child and share in the fun, but do you BOTH have to take Junior Trick or Treating?   Your porch light is not on, and you complain about having to walk past 2 or 3 houses in a row because their light is not on and they are not passing out candy.  Well news flash, neither are you because one of you didn’t stay behind.   Oh and teach your children to say Trick or Treat and then Thank You….. even the little  one’s can butcher it enough that everyone gets the idea.

Teens:  This is not ring a door bell and get free candy day.  You want candy; you better have a costume on and say the required Trick or Treat.  Otherwise you get Nothing.

Village Managers and Mayors:   Halloween is October 31st, every year.  It never changes, so the kids Trick or Treat regardless of the weather.  OH and 1 final thing, Limiting the time for Trick or Treating from 3 or 4 to 7 just doesn’t work.   Most people work and do not get home until 5 or 6 pm.  If they are like me it is after 6 before I get home so I either have to take a half day off or get someone to man the door.  Frankly I save vacation time or skip lunch so I can get home early.  I enjoy watching all the kids come to the door.  I say let them Trick or Treat until the people handing out candy have had enough and have turned their light out or by normal curfew time.

Direct Sales and MLM’s:  Halloween is time to give out Candy or other great treats.  It is not time for you to Market to the masses.  Don’t put a sample of your latest item or a coupon or catalog in the kid’s bags. The kids don’t want it and the Mom’s will keep the sample and toss everything else.  That is absolutely a rotten trick.

Adults in General:  Put your darn porch light on and hand out candy.  It really doesn’t cost that much and if it is that much of a financial strain, put $.50 a week in a jar and then go buy candy with that for the kids.  Don’t want to hand out candy?  There are plenty of places online that you can buy inexpensive items to hand out.   One year I handed out candy and whistles.    OH and hand out good candy.  Seriously Bit O Honey?   Raunchy no name suckers?  Tiny little Dum Dums.   I know we can’t afford Full size, but at least we can give good candy.  OOH and AAH over the costumes, the parents went thru some effort  to get their kids into that costume that least you can do is show a little appreciation.

So there is my gripe,  I could have added that if you are going to answer the door and pass out candy or walk around with your kids, you should at least be dressed festively.   In full costume is great, if nothing else you should have the devil head piece, tail and pitchfork.


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What’s another word for Customer?


This month past month has been a very ruff month for me. One of my oldest customers closed their doors in the Chicago area this past month. Just about everyone I knew there is gone. Some remain but only for the short term. Oh I know why the changes were made, I would like to say they make sense but they don’t…. not to me, and certainly not to my contacts at the company.
Contacts, that sounds like such a cold term, so is Customer and Client when you come to think of it. I can’t call them my friends, I mean after all I wouldn’t call them up and say let’s go to the movies. I certainly wouldn’t show up at the house for dinner. So just what term do you use for someone you talk to almost every day, you know about them, their families and even their hobbies. You laugh with them, you argue with them, and sometimes you have even cried with them, but outside of the work related day, you have no other contact with them.
When does the line blur between customer and something more than just that? Is blurring that line a good idea? How do you develop a relationship without actually developing that relationship?
I have read a ton of articles on building customer relationships, but they don’t seem to really be building “relationships” at least not how I view them. Meriam Webster defines relationship as: the way in which two or more people or things are connected. Ok we have a connection, I fulfill a need for them, but my “fulfilling” that need often extends past what they expect. So am I just giving them really good Customer Service? I sometimes get confused, I have a very good friend who I met because I was her customer. That relationship evolved from just being a customer to being a good friend, heck we even go on vacation together.
OK so some can evolve to true friends but that still hasn’t settled the question on what you call someone who is your “customer, client, contact” who has become more than just someone you provide a service for and someone you know more about than just their name. Does getting to know someone on this level have any “real” benefits?
I would like to think that my customers think of me as more than just their logistics provider. I know that they respect and trust me
I have some very simple tips for you to help you build those relationships.
1. Be genuine, people can spot a phony a mile away.
2. Always smile, even if someone can’t see you and can only hear you, they can hear the smile in your voice.
3. Don’t make everything about the sale. Your customers have other needs, be a resource center for them. Help them ease some of their other “pains”
4. Don’t Lie, in the end the lie does more harm, than good.
5. Really listen to what they are saying.

So I will continue building my relationships with my customer/clients. As soon as I figure out what to call them, I will let you know.

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